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Meet our team:



Christo Viljoen & Gerhard Labuschagne started  a partnership in 1996 to address the needs of small to medium size businesses regarding sound financial advice and accounting needs. Providing a one-stop point of professional advice and giving valuable back office accounting support offered clients the unique opportunity to focus on their primary areas of expertise whilst knowing that the financial planning and implementation ran smoothly behind the scenes. This advice and service was to be given with INTEGRITY at all times.

Following the early successes achieved, Spektra Makelaars, Prisma Rekenmeesters  and also Prispek Consulting was formed in 1998 to act as a single point of contact for clients wishing to be part of this solution and to provide proper succession planning for the members.  Clients make initial contact with Prispek Consulting, from where they are referred to either Spektra Makelaars or Prisma Rekenmeesters for the specialised services they need.

Prispek Consulting has also grown to a thriving business assisting clients with their wills and executorship with deceased estates, providing clients the peace of mind that their finances and businesses are taken care of right from the start until even after their deaths and proper distribution of their estates.

Our Offices

Our clients are always welcome to make an appointment to either visit us or make use of our boardroom or training facility.

The boardroom has seating for 6 whilst the training room can easily accommodate up to 15 people for small seminars or group meetings


Registered as an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP NO. 10679) with the Financial Services Board, with the Council for Medica Schemes (ORG 240) and is covered by professional indemnity insurance to protect clients.

Christo Viljoen is registered with and subject to the professional code of conduct of The FIA (Financial Intermeduaries Association, 09LL10846), is licensed and has passes all written examinations as prescribed by the Financial Services Board enabling him to provide financial advice. he is also registered with the Council for Medical Schemes (BR295) and has contracts with various large and Financial Services Board approved Insurance and Asset Management Companies and has been offering financial advice and intermediary services since 1996.

Advice and intermediary services include:

  • Investment advice and services
  • Long term insurance and services
  • Medical Fund advice and services

Spektra Makelaars, 1998/067770/23, FSP 10679: An Authorised Financial Services Provider.


Gerhard Labuschagne registered in 1998 as the owner of Prisma Accountants with SAIPA (The South African Institute of Professional Accountants – NO. 7830); with SARS ( South African Revenue Services – NO. 0020236); as a tax practitioner.

Prisma Accountants is also registered as an Approved Training Centre for trainee accountants (SAIPA no.48) 

Advice and services include:

  • Business Consultation
  • Establishment of new businesses
  • Accountancy services
  • Income Tax advice
  • Payroll administration and advice
  • Establishment and administration of Trusts


“There are few one-stop financial service centres that really deliver eminently skilled services as does Prispek Consulting.

I have complete confidence in the ability of the accountants at Prisma to keep the bookkeeping, payroll and tax administration of my business in order, thus enabling me to focus on the speciality which I practice without being bothered with financial administration.

Spektra Brokers offers me so much more than the general long-term insurance broker / investment advisor. I have full confidence on entrusting my long-term insurance and investment portfolio to them.

Should an unforseen event incapacitate me or lead to my demise, I can rest assured that my estate and execution therof will be handled professionally so as to provide for my next of kin in the manner that I myself would have preferred.

Arie Hoogenboezem,
MD, Q-Mech Consulting Engineers


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