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Where can I find guides to assist me during times when I need assistance to make decisions, for example Winding up of Estates, Preparing for Retirement or Starting a Business?

For our helpful guides.

Follow the link to our DOWNLOAD PAGE for valuable guides to assist you in these times when you need advice. Kindly contact our office to set up a meeting for advice based on your unique situation.

What is a disclosure document and why am I receiving it?

A disclosure document is a document Spektra Makelaars provides according to the Financial Services Act to provide background to the company and for your peace of mind that Spektra Makelaars and its representatives are duly licenced to furnish financial advice and intermediary services.  It also provides clients the knowledge that Spektra Makelaars has adequite professional indemnity insurance in place in the unlikely event that you suffer financial losses due to negligence. It further demonstrates that there are no conflicts if interest in providing advice or services and that this is constantly monitored.  This document shows the professional relationship that will be fostered between Spektra and its representatives and yourself.

When to submit your annual individual tax return?

  • September – Manual – post or at SARS branch drop boxes​
  • November –  eFiling or electronic filing at SARS branch
  • January –   eFiling (provisional taxpayers only)

Kindly check our calendar for the correct dates published by SARS for the current financial year.





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