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Group Risk Benefits

More and more companies benefit from providing benefits for their employees.

Apart from the social responsibility to look after your employees comes the legal requirements to do so.

By providing group benefits to your employees, you address both the need to provide peace of mind to your employees in the event of Death and/or Disability as well as retirement.

Providing group benefits is the cornerstone to financial planning and lessens your administrative burden on your small business in the unfurtunate event something happens to your employee or his/her family.

We provide appropiate cover that would assist you in providing the necessary assistance to your employees by :
1. Taking away the adminstration of the benefits for your company, adding and remowing members.
2. Assisting at claims stage so that you as the employer can concentrate on your business.
3. Providing advice to the employee so that they are better prepared to deal with the situation.
4. Preventing that employees approach the employer for monetary assistance for these events.

Contact us today for a consultation at service@prispek.co.za  or download the following GROUP Member Data Capture Form, complete the details and return it to the said email for a quotation.


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